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How to Improve your Staff Mental Health

Do you worry about your mental health or others? It is ok for our mood to fluctuate during a day; be happy in one moment and sad or overwhelmed in the next.  Knowing the warning signs of mental health will massively help before it becomes a problem. Do you know how to improve your staff […]

How to cope with an Anxious Child?

Helping your child cope with worries about school Children can find different aspects of school life very stressful – starting a new class, a new school, moving away from their friends. They may be displaying classic signs of anxiety but would you know how to recognise them? Here I share my experience of helping my […]

First Aid & Mental Health First Aid Training Courses

Our First Aid & Mental Health First Aid Training Courses are now updated. We have now got our outstanding First Aid & Mental Health First Aid Training Courses uploaded in our diary awaiting for our learners to be booked on.  Here is our latest updated announcement of our First Aid & Mental Health First Aid […]

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace Mental Health First Aid is very much spoken about within the media, with awareness is now on the increase. Read on to understand what Mental Health First Aid is all about, why it is important to be mental health aware and what is involved in our mental health first […]

Can anyone use a Defibrillator?

Welcome to our latest blog – Can Anyone Use a Defibrillator? Is it true?  Can anyone use a defibrillator?  We get asked this question a lot on our first aid courses.   Indeed anyone can use a defibrillator and you do not need to have first aid training to use them.   Read on to understand more […]

How to Treat a Severe Bleeding Injury!

Have you ever cut yourselves and created a severe bleeding injury? Continue to read our blog to find out the bleeds that can cause shock and our top tips to STOP a severe bleeding injury. Do you work in construction,  manufacturing or on a building site where you are at a high risk of having […]

I’ve stupidly bumped my head should I go to sleep?

Should I go to sleep if I’ve bumped my head? We do all think; bumping, banging, hitting our head is fine.  It’s just a bruise, a red mark.  It’ll get better!  Well in general, minor head injuries are common in people of all ages and generally we will get better and rarely resulting in any […]