Knowledgeable First Aid Courses in Walsall, Cannock, Birmingham

Our knowledgeable First Aid Courses are now updated.

We have now got our outstanding knowledgeable First Aid Courses uploaded in our diary awaiting for our learners to be booked on.  Here is our latest updated announcement of our knowledgeable first aid courses.

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Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace

Mental Health First Aid is very much spoken about within the media, with awareness is now on the increase.

Read on to understand what Mental Health First Aid is all about, why it is important to be mental health aware and what is involved in our mental health first aid courses.   Continue reading

Can anyone use a Defibrillator?

Welcome to our latest blog – Can Anyone Use a Defibrillator?

Is it true?  Can anyone use a defibrillator?  We get asked this question a lot on our first aid courses.   Indeed anyone can use a defibrillator and you do not need to have first aid training to use them.   Read on to understand more about defibrillators…

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How to Treat a Severe Bleeding Injury!

Have you ever cut yourselves and created a severe bleeding injury?

Continue to read our blog to find out the bleeds that can cause shock and our top tips to STOP a severe bleeding injury.

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First Aid Courses for Children

First Aid Courses for Children

** Updated **  Please keep your Eyes peeled for our next Children’s First Aid Course **

Our summer first aid courses for children are now released.  Please read on for new dates for our summer first aid courses for children.

Running over the summer, we have raised two dates for first aid for children!

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I don’t need to attend a first aid course!

I don’t need to attend a first aid course!

I hear this a lot, “I don’t need attend a first aid course!”, “I don’t  need to have first aid training, or “That’s what the ambulance service is for!” Or “someone else will help, as they will be trained!”

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I’ve stupidly bumped my head should I go to sleep?

What if I’ve stupidly bumped my head, my child or I? We are were fine…… aren’t we?

We do all think; bumping, banging, hitting our head is fine.  It’s just a bruise, a red mark.  It’ll get better!  Well in general, minor head injuries are common in people of all ages and generally we will get better and rarely resulting in any permanent brain damage.

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Febrile Seizures in Toddlers

Febrile seizures in toddlers, are they serious?  Heather (from HMB Training Services) experienced a febrile seizure when her daughter was just past four years old.  Here is her story…

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Breaths in CPR are still important!

Breaths in CPR are still important but why?

Do you get told that breaths in CPR are not needed? Do we even need to complete mouth to mouth in CPR? Please read further to see how important breaths are in CPR really are!

On our courses, we have had many remarks and discussions as to why we do breaths in CPR.  Our feedback from learners; they have been told or read that breaths in CPR are not needed and to only perform compression’s.

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