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First Aid Training, Mental Health First Aid, Safeguarding, Health and Safety Training Courses

Covering Cannock, Solihull, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, Stafford, Stone and surrounding areas.

HMB Training Services are an Ofqual accredited training provider with extensive experience in delivering first aid training, fire safety training, manual handling, health & safety, safeguarding and Mental Health First Aid courses. We have numerous training venues for coverage at venues in Cannock, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Stafford and Stone. Our training team can discuss your requirements, and put together a training programme for your workplace. We advise on all aspects of first aid training to create a safer and better working environment for your business.

Our qualifications are approved by Qualsafe awards and valid for 3 years.

Courses range from basic First Aid Courses for use in the home to First Aid Qualifications tailored for the workplace or for dealing with children and babies.

Our mission is to provide fun, practical and cost effective First Aid Courses.

Our Courses

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HMB Training Services cover Cannock, Solihull, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Stafford, Stone and Walsall.

Training can be provided at a location nearby or your home / office for added convenience. Our trainers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable to ensure you get the most out of the day/s.

By utilising your venue traveling costs can be kept to a minimum as well as ensuring the training is carried out in comfortable surroundings you are familiar with.

For more information on our first aid training, safeguarding, health and safety training courses, please get in contact.

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Qualsafe Awards Approved Qualifications

Qualsafe Awards is an Ofqual recognised Awarding Organisation, established by experts in the first aid training industry. With over a decade of experience, we have a thorough understanding of what training organisations want and need from an Awarding Organisation.

Time is ticking 💣 ⠀

If your paediatric first aid certificate has expired since COVID 18th March you have only until 30th September to get re-qualified. ⠀

Call us today to get your staff compliant and Ofsted approved. ⠀

📞 01543 453338⠀

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Another feedback, it makes feel warm inside when I receive such kind words.⠀
I always go the extra footing, to give every learner the best experience while on my courses.⠀

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It’s easy for someone who is suffering poor mental health to say they are okay and smile to hide their symptoms! ⠀

Please keep a look out and it’s okay to ask; are you okay! ⠀

Be kind! ⠀

If you are unsure about mental health we have a short bite size course to an insight of mental health first aid. ⠀

To register on this free course simply click on this link;⠀⠀

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When choosing a training company for your training needs it is important to select the correct one. ⠀

We always accommodate the learners in mind. We will give dates of availability but the customer and learners always make the final decision. ⠀

The day you choose can be over one day or split over two days. ⠀

We have had schools needing to finish at 3pm, in which we can certainly accommodate this. Or they need staff on the course to cover lunch breaks. ⠀

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Our next EFAW course is on 28th September. ⠀

This course is ideal for workplaces to have sufficient first aid cover. To have more understanding what to do if a member of staff falls ill or has a serious injury.⠀

Get compliant today!⠀

Get booked in today to avoid disappointment.⠀

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Here is a great review from a lady who completed first aid training with us!⠀

It is great that learners get so much form our courses and to be more confident makes us feel we have done a great job!⠀

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👨 People do things you may not like! ⠀
👩 People are going through different stages on how to cope with the coronavirus. ⠀
👴 People maybe suffering with poor mental health! ⠀

It’s okay! ⠀

• If someone is wearing a mask OR not! It’s okay. Be kind⠀
• Someone maybe self isolating! It’s okay. Be kind! ⠀
• Some people don’t agree with the unlocking. It’s okay! Be kind! ⠀
• Some are still scared of getting the virus and a second wave happening. It’s okay! Be kind!⠀
• Some are sighing with relief to go back to work knowing they may not lose their business or their homes. It’s okay! Be kind! ⠀
• Some are thankful they can finally have the surgery they have had put off. It’s okay! Be kind!⠀
• Some will be able to attend interviews after weeks without a job. It’s okay! Be kind! ⠀
• Some people will rush out to get their hair or nails done. It’s okay! Be kind! ⠀

The point is, everyone has different viewpoints/feelings and that’s ok. Be kind.⠀
We each have a different story. If you need to stay home, stay home. But be kind.⠀
If you need to go out, just respect others when in public and be kind!⠀

Please be kind! ⠀

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Do you know the signs and symptoms of mental health? ⠀

After a lady completed our level 1 mental heath first aid course she felt more confident knowing the signs and symptoms of her patients. ⠀

After learning more about mental health conditions she was able to understand her patient was going through depression. Knowing the signs and symptoms of mental health she was able to give suggestions on how to manage his mental health and the steps to take to get help. ⠀

She was able to reassure him and help him further. ⠀

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