Children First Aid Courses

First Aid for Children; HMB Training is dedicated to teaching children life-saving skills for first-aid emergencies.  Accidents can happen anywhere and on occasions without an adult present or available.  Completing a first aid course will help bring confidence to any child in knowing what to do in an emergency.


First Aid Courses for Children 


We share the importance of dangers, and how to keep safe within the home and outside.  What to do when an emergency arises and how to call for an ambulance. Understanding why someone may stop breathing, performing CPR, and using a Defibrillator.  Understanding why someone may go unconscious and learning how to put someone in the recovery position. How to treat a bleed and bandage a wound, and knowing how to treat minor injuries.



Not only does first aid for children benefit others, but a British Red Cross survey found that 97 percent of young people believed first aid training would boost their confidence, skills, and willingness to act in a emergency.

While we fully support the government’s plans to incorporate CPR, defibrillator awareness, and other lifesaving first aid skills into the national curriculum in secondary schools in England, we believe that a child is never too young to begin learning how to save a life and would like to see first aid taught in schools across the country.

First Aid Courses for Children 

What is covered?

  • Understanding dangers
  • Calling for 999 and what they will ask
  • Unconsciousness and non breathing
  • CPR and Defibrillator
  • Recovery position
  • Burns
  • Cuts, and minor injuries



Our courses are appropriate for children aged 8 to 16. However, it is appropriate for children of all ages. For aged 14 plus children can attend our accredited Emergency First Aid Training

We are CRB checked and your child is in safe hands with our Trainer Heather Bird.  On our first aid courses for children, parents, grandparents or carers are able to stay for the duration of the course or leave their children with us.


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3 Hours
Valid 3 Years

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Price: £20

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