Level 3 Distance Learning Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

These mental health courses online will provide you with the knowledge to simultaneously recognise a wide range of mental health conditions.  Additionally, you will learn about the support/therapy provided by professional healthcare providers. Equally important you will know how to start a supportive conversation and when and how to signpost a person to seek appropriate professional help.

The course includes how to recognise and manage stress and understand the impact of substance abuse. You will also learn about the first aid action plan for mental health, be able to put it in place, and know how to implement a positive mental health culture in the workplace.

  • Study the course via distance learning
  • A combination of self-study and webinars
  • Guided by a qualified Trainer/Assessor
  • Distance learning resources included
  • Assessed via a professional discussion
  • Ofqual or SQA Accreditation regulated qualification (SUBJECT TO ASSESSMENT)

Most important to know this qualification has 6 assigned guided learning hours (GLH) and 14 hours of total qualification time (TQT).

A range of First Aid for Mental Health related subjects are covered including:

  • Firstly discover what is First Aid for Mental Health?
  • Identifying mental health conditions
  • Providing advice and starting a conversation
  • Stress
  • Additionally learn these mental health conditions
    • Drugs and alcohol
    •  Depression
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Self-harm
    • Suicide
    • Eating disorders
    • Personality disorders
    • Bipolar disorder
    • Psychosis
    • Schizophrenia
    • Anxiety
  • First Aid for Mental Health action plan
  • Finally implement First Aid for Mental Health in the workplace


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2 Day Course
Valid 3 Years
Ofqual Regulated

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Price: £190 PP

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