Introducing neurodiversity training for the workplace

Did you know that just 21.7% of autistic adults in the UK are in any form of paid employment. This is amongst the lowest rates of employment for people with additional needs or disabilities.  With the help of HMB Training Services spreading awareness of neurodiversity can help employ staff who have great skills for the job regardless of their neurodiversity.


Neurodiversity Training for the Workplace for managers, HR personnel and colleagues. The session aims to increase awareness of neurodiversity in the workplace and allow attendees the opportunity to discuss workplace specific circumstances, develop strategies to support a neurodiverse workforce and identify the next steps for their organisation.

The course includes:

  • Overview of Neurodiversity
    • Why neurodiversity is important
    • Associated neurodevelopmental conditions
    • Neurodiversity, mental health and wellbeing
  • Overview of Autism Spectrum Conditions
    • Communication differences
    • Strategies to ensure effective communication
  • Cognitive Differences in autism
    • Strengths and challenges
  • Sensory Differences
    • Breakdown of senses
    • Hyper/Hypo sensitivity
    • Environmental considerations
  • Neurodiversity best practice in the workplace
    • Examples of reasonable adjustments:
      • Recruitment processes
      • In the workplace

Our Neurodiversity Training is fully interactive with lots of practical games and tasks to perform, including a lot of opportunities for discussions to embed learning.


About the Trainer

Heather Bird has vast experience and knowledge of children and adults with Autism and ADHD.  Heather has over 13 years experience and understanding having worked in schools and can bring that experience to the classroom.  Learners will go away with a much better understanding of the problems that neurodiverse individuals face and be equipped with tips and strategies to put into practice at your workplace.


How to Book Neurodiversity Training for the Workplace 

To contact us or to view our open courses click here for more information here:

Our Neurodiversity Training for the Workplace course will be delivered at your workplace.  Open courses will be made available in the near future.

Additionally, to discuss your requirements please call us on  01543 453338 or email us at

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Course Details

4 Hours

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Price: £800 per group

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