Our knowledgeable First Aid Courses are now updated.

We have now got our outstanding knowledgeable First Aid Courses uploaded in our diary awaiting for our learners to be booked on.  Here is our latest updated announcement of our knowledgeable first aid courses.

Course Dates

Our knowledgeable First Aid Courses are here;

  • Emergency First Aid at Work – Friday 12th April – Aldridge WS9 0NF
  • Mental Health First Aid Awareness – Monday 29th April – Aldridge WS9 0NF
  • First Aid at Work – Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th April – Aldridge WS9 0NF
  • Emergency First Aid at Work – Wednesday 22nd May – Aldridge WS9 0NF


If the date of our knowledgeable first aid courses is not convenient, please do not worry.  We can create new dates convenient to you OR we can come to you at your premises.


Emergency First Aid

Our regulated  Emergency First Aid courses are ideal for: employees, employers to act as a first aider in the workplace or for those who would like to get knowledgeable First Aid Courses to learn vital first aid skills.  Those who work in a workplace will fulfill their legal responsibility under HSE guidelines to complete knowledgeable First Aid Courses with HMB Training Services.

Paediatric First Aid

Paediatric knowledgeable First Aid Courses are designed for adults working with children and this includes parents.  It is a statutory appliance for all adults working alone with children to be Paediatric First Aid trained in a child setting. This includes private nurseries, childminders, Nursery and Reception class within a school setting. All of our paediatric courses are Ofsted approved and our knowledgeable First Aid Courses are extremely important for the safety of the children with choking being the most serious cause of unconsciousness.


CPR Training

Our CPR Training courses are 2 hours where we cover basic life support techniques including CPR and the use of a defibrillator.  These courses are ideal for those who want to learn the basics of knowledgeable First Aid Courses to put your mind at ease in case of a loved one or family member or friend stops breathing.


Mental Health First Aid

Our FAA Level Awareness in Mental Health First Aid (RQF) will benefit any person in understanding and identifying Mental Health conditions.
Attending our Mental Health courses you have the understanding of Mental Health, identify mental health conditions, provide and start a conversation, understand stress and mental health conditions.  The Level 2 and 3 courses additionally you will learn how to use an action plan.


Please free to browse our knowledgeable first aid courses we can deliver:   https://www.hmbtrainingservices.co.uk/first-aid-training

To book onto a course please call us on 01543 453338 or 07506 906641 or email us on info@hmbtrainingservices.co.uk

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